Standard Package from Two Pets
Standard Package from Two Pets

This package contains one personalized letter individually composed by the Bepaws I Love U Team, as well as up to four high-quality photos (first photo free, $2 charge per additional photo) of your choosing.

This product is designed to be sent from two pets. If you'd like to send the same letter from more one pet or more than two pets, select the proper product below.

Standard Package from One Pet.
Standard Package from Three Pets.

Standard Package from Two Pets

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This information helps our team to more accurately express your pet's sentiments in their tone of voice.

Examples: Mom/Dad, Aunt/Uncle, Brother/Sister, Friend, Groomer, etc.

Examples: Thank You, Birthday, Just Bepaws, Valentine's Day, etc.

Examples: Activity pet(s) and recipient enjoy together, reference-worthy characteristic of the recipient, details pertaining to reason for sending this letter, etc. Remember, the more information you provide to us, the more personalized the letter will be from the pet(s)!


Example: Cecilia Chapman, 2880 Nulla St., Mankato, Mississippi 96522

(first photo free, $2 charge per additional photo)
(all photos are printed on standard 4x6 photo stock)
(all orders will arrive within 3-8 business days, see FAQ)