Is Bepaws I Love U really run by pets?

Yes! Our team of energetic animals works around the clock to bring your pet’s sentiments to their loved ones. We also have 2 low-level human interns that help us out around the office. (They think they run the place… silly millennials.)

Can the Bepaws I Love U team write letters in languages other than English?

Unfortunately, our team currently only speaks English; however, we are actively looking for new animals to join the team who have mastered other human languages. Details pertaining to application for employment will be released soon.

Does Bepaws I Love U ship their products internationally?

Unfortunately, our team currently only ships their products within the United States. We hope to expand our ability to ship internationally in the near future.

How does the Bepaws I Love U staff write letters without thumbs?

Very, very carefully. Sometimes with both paws. Just kidding, we’ve hijacked the Roomba and modified it to write for us.

What forms of payment are accepted at checkout?

We accept payment from all major debit and credit cards as well as some cardless methods including American Express, Apple Pay, Diner's Club, Discover, Google Pay, JCB, Mastercard, Shopify Pay, and Visa.

What are the Bepaws I Love U shipping policies?

Bepaws I Love U uses USPS First Class shipping at no cost to you. Shipping and order fulfillment varies between 3-8 business days. We cannot guarantee a letter to arrive on an exact date but we can give a good estimate based on where your order is being sent. All orders placed before 9:00 p.m. EST will be shipped out the next business day. USPS First Class shipping is currently the only shipping option we offer; we will be adding other shipping options in the near future.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like how the card came out?

No, our team of pets are well versed in translating all animal to human sentiments and spend a lot of time perfecting each card. If you’re worried about the content of your letter, make sure you’re giving us as much information as you can or try it out by writing your own first! Refunds will be given however, if your letter does not arrive (we know how those pesky mailmen can be).

Can I get a refund if my letter didn’t arrive in time?

No, unfortunately not. If the receiving of your order is time sensitive, please make sure you place it with enough time for our team to fulfill as well as deliver your letter. Also please take into consideration the delay in fulfillment and delivery during popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day.