Meet Kona, co-founder and CFO!

Hi! My name’s Kona, co-founder and CFO of Bepaws I Love U. I know I speak for the whole team here when I say how excited we are to finally be introducing our company to the world! We truly believe Bepaws I Love U has the potential to bring a lot of joy and happier days to everyone who comes across it. Your pets have things to say and our team is here to help! Order a letter today and try it out! I hope you’ve taken a chance to visit our new website and get a feel for it, but if you haven’t yet, be sure to check it out! We’re very interested in what you have to say whether it be questions, comments or simply to say hi! Feel free to message us on Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing us through our contact page. We’re constantly growing and changing to become the best version of Bepaws I Love U we can be and any input you have will help us to get there. Welcome to the family and stay tuned to hear from the rest of the team! 

Bepaws I Love U,

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